Title: Beast in the Bag
Date: 2019
Type: NFTS Short

Horror with an African Rock Pithon

Ben is an unemployed amateur artist who often visits his local canal to paint the urban environment and pass the time. When he witnesses a mentally disturbed man by the canal-side throwing a suitcase into the water, Ben’s curiosity gets the better of him. He fishes the bag from the oily depths, then takes it home to his apartment on the 24th floor of a local tower block. To his horror, upon opening the bag, he discovers a 15 foot long African Rock Python inside, and despite his various attempts to get rid of the snake it soon becomes clear that the animal is going nowhere. When his neighbour’s Chihuahua disappears and other strange events begin to occur within the building, Ben realises that he has a supernatural creature at his disposal. A creature who has chosen him, and who is prepared to commit the ultimate sin for his master. Beast in the Bag is a surreal, noir inspired short thriller with darkly comedic undertones.