Title: Delivery
Date: 2021
Type: Theatre

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Written by: Mark Aspen

The future should look bright for Joe. He loves his wife Angela, and they’re expecting their first baby.

However, as he awaits the delivery in the maternity ward, Joe’s deeply troubled character emerges. He’s haunted by events he experienced, and participated in, during a brutal war.

Can a severely damaged paratrooper ever become a loving dad? What could possibly save his soul?

No one realises how deep the gutter is until they have to climb out of it.

'Delivery' is a journey to the edge of oblivion, that travels a road lined with humour, humanity and hope. A life-affirming comedy-drama featuring depressed fruit flies and existential sheep.



"In this the play is ably served not only by the energy of the two leads but also Gordon Peaston and Louis Davison, who each take on an impressive array of supporting characters. Peaston begins as a succession of stock authority figures – judge, teacher, sergeant major – enlivening them beyond sitcom stereotypes, before turning in a sensitive and insightful portrayal of the padre from whom Joe seeks support. Just as versatile, Davison offers us a posh officer and a light-fingered youth as comic turns, as well as the more sobering vision of an Argentine prisoner whose drowning drives Joe to murder."