Title: Love Type D
Date: 2019
Type: Film

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Director: Sasha Collington

Cast includes: Maeve Dermody, Rory Stroud, Oliver Farnworth, Elin Phillips, Asif Khan

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Frankie Browne just discovered that she's D-type. Are YOU? Have you been dumped more than three times?

Recently fired?

Ever googled the phrase 'When is my life going to begin?' If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you could be at risk. Love Type D is a feature film, currently in production. It is the first feature from award-winning writer and director, Sasha Collington.

After getting dumped for the eleventh time in a row, Frankie Browne discovers (to her dismay) that she has a loser in love gene. And she is not alone. Scientists have discovered that one in five people have the gene for romantic misfortune: the D-type gene.