Title: The Fighter's Ballad
Date: 2019
Type: Film

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Yellow Dolphin Films Director: Tony S Ukpo Producer: Jane Frisby Cast includes: Clive Russell, Peter Cadwell

The Fighter's Ballad, Jane Frisby's debut feature film as Producer/Casting Director, debuted at the Cannes Film Festival Market 'Le Marche du Film' 2014, prior to its US cinema release.

'The Fighter's Ballad'... Jane Frisby's debut feature film, as Producer/Casting Director, receives a 5 star review: http://www.christianfilmguide.com/the-fighters-ballad-2012-review

As part of Danny Boyle's new East London Film Festival 'Shuffle'... Danny Boyle picked 'The Fighter's Ballad', Jane Frisby's debut feature film, Producer/Casting Director, to screen alongside 'One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest'. This was part of the 'Day of the Mind', a day of the festival exploring the human mind. As both Cuckoo's Nest and The Fighter's Ballad, express Mental Health in society, The Fighter's Ballad Team felt honoured to be up there with Cuckoo's Nest.

November 2012 'The Fighter's Ballad' Jane Frisby's debut feature film, wins 3 awards at the 'John Paul II International Film Festival', the faith inspired film festival, held in Miami. The winning awards are: Best Feature Film Best Actor - Peter Cadwell Best Screenplay - Peter Cadwell Other features and nominations included: 'California Solo' starring Robert Carlyle. 'For Greater Glory' starring Andy Garcia & Peter O'Toole. 'The Way' starring Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez.

"While some films depend on lavish CGI flights of fancy, The Fighter’s Ballad draws its strength from its simplicity. Taking place in a cavernous east London church, this is a stark two handed confrontation between the gentle-spirited Reverend John and the Fighter of the title - a loquacious ball of anger and despair who breaks in from the street. Though the rhythmic back and forth of their exchange often smacks of the stage, there’s an impressive visual sheen here, and the dialogue is given a weighty intensity by the superb performances of Peter Cadwell and Clive Russell." Danny Leigh - Film Critic & Co-host of BBC One - Film 2012

"Brutal but beautiful." .... "Powerful, Provocative, Poetic, Profound."

_"If you're into dialogue driven indie films, in which the acting, writing and characters are intensely powerful, challenging, yet truly beautiful, heartbreaking...then this already cult classic is for you."